Tuesday, 9 August 2016



It will soon be dark enough to see the Auroras once again. Shetland is possibly the best place to see these `northern lights' or as they are called in Shetland `The Merrie dancers'.                                      

                                                          Ref: Night Gallery Number 0104

You often have to react quick as aurora can last a few minutes to several hours. The intensity can also vary from the normal green colour to the intense purples and reds which dance across the sky.

Light pollution can be a problem so it is best to choose the darkest place you can otherwise the orange glow of town lights will make it look weaker, and also a moonless night would help.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Sign

The Sign

Location: Hamnavoe near Eshaness

I always like the Shetlanders sense of humour, where else would you find a sign like this showing two extremes. The fact that Sumburgh is 59 miles away and Mexico unknown shows to me that it is in the blood of all Shetlanders to go out exploring.

I see the Sumburgh colours as a Puffin beak, wildflowers that carpet the cliffs and banks and the range of people that visit from all around the world.

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